Cancer and Healing aids

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OXY – DHQ – bought online – buy about 6 bottle – take about 15 to
30 drops per day in real purified water. (This oxygenates the body
for free radicals good PH, can carry the oxygen to the cells which
is vital to kill cancer cells)

SERRAPEPTASE – buy online & some healthfood stores – take
80,000IUs. 2 to 3 times a day. (Do stop a week before surgery if
having it) (this sort of goes in and eats up the bad in your body,
is really the way to explain it, including cancer cells as they die

VITAMIN D3 – Online or any healthfood store – Take 20,000IUs per
day – have periodic blood test every 3 months to see levels. Cancer
with take all your D3 so adjustments can be made to a higher or
lower dose. Keep in mind even if they say you’re within normal
limits, low side normal isn’t ok to stop cancer. You want a high
level. In the above 50′s blood levels for cancer. D3 is vital to
the immune system for all. Deficiency or even low normal allows
cancer & all illness to come. Everyone should take at least
10,000IUs ea day. Sick or not. To stay healthy.

ZEOLITE EBHANCED WITH DHQ – buy about 6 bottles & take about 15 to
30 drops per day in real purified water.
Taken together is a oxygenate, alkalize, & detoxer. (If taking
chemo stop this 3 days before and 3 days after chemo treatment)

CESIUM & DMSO 70% – buy online – take 3grams of cesium mixed in
DMSO TOPICALLY 2 times a day rub on area cancer is located.
or mix with water for ingestion or both.

FLAXSEED OIL/ Omega 3 – online, trader joes, or any health food
store, Take 400mg to 1,000mg once a day. Flax helps Oxygenate,
detox, & immune system as well as cleanse.

POMEGRANATE EXTRACT – online & health food stores – take 375mg per
day – is an antioxidant detoxifier, immune system booster. Powerful
against cancer.

MAGNESIUM – online or health food stores – take 800 to 1,000 mg.
Per day {or optimal health, detoxifier, immune system booster,
magnesium is also known to help detox fluoride. A must!

SPIRULINA – online or trader joes or health food stores -
Take 10grams per day. Is a detoxifier, immune system booster,
protects your thyroid from radiation & other heavy metals. START
WITH 5grams 1 gram 5 times a day or 2 grams 2 times a day then 1
gram & build up to 10grams, when healthier, go down to 3grams per
day taking 1 gram 3 times a day. Or as directed on bottle. Don’t
stay on higher dose for too long. (A must for all)

CHLORELLA – online or trader jos or health food stores.
Take 5grams per day. Start with 2 or 3 grams and build up to
5grams. 1 gram 2 to 3 times a day then up to 5grams. When
healthier, go down to 1gram 2 times a day or as directed on bottle.
Same as Spirulina, Detoxer, immune system booster helps thyroid
from radiation and heavy metals. (A must for all)

GRAVIOLA – online or health food stores- Take 2 grams 3 times a
day. (Buy a formula with the leaves of the plants only) Graviola is
known to stop cancer in its tracks. All of the plant can be used
but there have been problems seen in using other parts of the plant
although it may be a stronger attack I don’t like the risks. The
leaves only are completely safe and very effective.

B COMPLEX 100 – online, trader joes, health food stores – Take 1
per day -  immune system – can reverse thyroid problems & much more
- a must for all, but especially during cancer. The 100 means 100mg
of most B’s.

C-COMPLEX – online or trader joes or healthfood store. The best 1
I’ve seen at trader joes- Take 1,000mg with 500mg bioflaviniods (in
the complex & ok if has rosehips and rutin). Can take many times a
day. Non toxic you can’t take too much. With cancer I’d take 5 to10
times a day. Can be taken 1,000mg an hour. If taken all at once
will just pee out so spread apart by an hour or so. Also know to
help detox fluoride – Immune system booster.

ESSIAC TEA – buy online – take according to box. Drinking thruout
the day. Essiac tea was created to kill cancer. The maker was shut
down as they found it did work. But it is still available. If you
can read a write up on the maker casse, it will give best
instructions on taking during cancer. Essiac is her name spelled
backwards. This is a must!
Id drink more than box says, be sure its the real essiac tea. Her
formula has cured cancer.

TURMERIC EXTRACT – online, health food stores, Take 8 grams per
day. Turmeric is Glutathione a powerful cancer preventor and cure.
Can kill off ovarian, protate, stomach, lung, and work on all
cancers. Purifies the blood and a powerful antioxidant immune
system fighter & detoxer.
All should be taking & eating foods rich in. A super herb.
Turmeric can detox aluminum & other heavy metals helping the
thyroid as well. A Must!

ASTRAGALAS- online or healthfood stores. Take as directed on
botttle. Astragalas is a detox, antioxidant, immmune system booster.

BAKING SODA – Take 1 teasoon before breakfast. This will keep your
PH alkaline levels at a normal place. Just mix it in a real
purified water.

MORINGA – Online, Take 1,000mg 2 to 3 times a day. Use the leaves
of the tree formula. Moringa has been used for Ovarian and all
cancers. Known as the miracle tree. All parts of the tree are used
for something. Moringa is a must for cancer treatment. Also used as
an anti biotc, for staph, to lower blood pressure, and blood sugar,
& so much more
A must!

MANUKA HONEY – online or healthfood stores. Take 1 teaspoon each
day. Manuka honey is from New Zealand & helps so many things. Can
help in cancer treatment with the rest of your regimen. And anti
fugus and anti biotic, antioxidant.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT – online or healthfood stores, Take 70 to 100mg
per day. A powerful antioxidant, immune system. Green tea extract
is also a free radical neutralizer.

GINKO – online or healthfood stores. Take as directed. Ginko can
detox Auminum as well as many other uses. (stop 1 week before
surgery if having it)

CORVIX – Buy 4 to 6 bottles, take about 6 drops per day in real
purified water. This is an immune system booster & a must for
killing cancer cells

BLA – Buy 4 to 6 bottles. Take 15 to 30 drops per day in real
purified water. This is known to kill cancer cells with the others
I’m listing. Take them all. A Must!

LIFE SUPPORT – Herbal formula online, buy 8 bottles, take about 20
to 30 drops per day. Can cure cancer. An Oxygenator

PRUGX – Use 4 to 6 bottles per month. Take 15 to 30 drops per day
in purified water. This formula is known as #1 cancer killer.
Powerful antioxidant, cancer killer. A Must!

ZORMUS – Use 4 to 6 bottle per month Take 15 to 30 drops per day in
purified water. Same as Prugx. Oxygenate. Cancer cell killer. A

RONUV – buy 4 to 6 bottles per month Take 15 to 20 drops per day in
purified water. Oxygenate. Gets t cells to stop releasing hydrogen
Peroxide. Detox & Immune System.

MC2 – buy 2 bottle a month. Take 6 drops per day in purified water.
PH & Alkalize. Prevention & kills cancer cells left after surgery
and without it as well. Oxygenates thruout the body into cells &
detoxes. Use 2 bottles for 6 months then 1 bottle or 3 drops per
day after.

ZADMOR – buy 4 to 6 bottles. Take 15 to 30 drops per day. Immune

QUZU – buy 4 bottles a month. Take 7 to 15 drops per day. Immune

CILANTRA EXTRACT – online or healthfood stores. Take as directed on
bottle. Powerful Detoxer & immune system. Cilantra extact can detox
Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, helps Chlorela work better. Also a
fluoride detoxer. Detoxing is vital to rid cancer.

Okay, these are the supplements.
Now, other considerations.

It is vital to stay Alkalized. These supplements will do that but
take your PH strips each morning to check your levels to stay at
best levels to rid cancer. As well as prevent cancer for all.

Stay away from Meat (unless organic & try to stay away anyway)
Also, stay away from, WHEAT, BARLEY, CORN, SORGHUM, PEANUT. These
can not only be GMO but, have a poison called mycotoxin causing and
feeding cancer. Its a fungus. Fungus=cancer.

Eat Organic

Stay away from antibiotics

Get at least 8 to 9 hours sleep per day. Your body rejuvenates
while you sleep. Its said your liver rejuvenates around 2 to 4am.

Overcoming cancer is a process of REVERSING the conditions that
allowed the cancer to develop & going after & killing cancerous
cells. How you got it isn’t as important.

Boosting the Immune System with supplements and detoxing the body
of toxins is vital.

Ridding your body of candida is vital. The supplements should do
this as well. The baking soda helps attack the candida also, as
well as an alkaline diet. Candida fuel cancer.

Detoxing of heavy metals is vital. The supplements will do this is
taken as directed. The chemtrails are feeding us with toxins. Stay
out of the rain and mist as much as possible. Id say always during

Also, it is CRUCIAL you have a whole house water filter. Tap and
even bottled water has CHLORINE. Chlorine causes cancer, feeds
cancer, and a host of other problems. The water you drink must be
purified. But, chlorine can even be absorbed thru the skin while
showering. It is said cancer risk is 93% higher with chlorinated
water than those using non chlorinated. Therefore a whole house
water filter is crucial to stop the absorption of the heavy metals
and chlorine & FLUORIDE in water. Some of the supplements rid you
of Fluoride, but you must not keep getting more. Also, 60% of
hormone cancers eg: ovarian, prostate, breast, cervical, had high
levels of organ chlorines in their tissues. Bad news stuff!

Fluoride is a killer. Use non Fluoride toothpaste such as Toms. And
non Aluminum deodorants.
Use natural soaps, shampoos, make ups, laundry soaps, dish soaps
etc. These all absorb the toxins thru the skin. Many products have
aluminum, mercury, and junk! FYI: boron or borax is a detoxer of
Fluoride. 1/8th teaspoon to 1 liter of purified water drink thruout
the day. Good for everyone. Fluoride is a killer. Its said if you
eat food that is sprayed, watered with fluoride water, & use
fluoride toothpaste you’re getting a triple wammy, and if you drink
unfiltered water you’re being posioned bad. Its also said fluoride
causes calcification of the pineal gland which in turn stops
melatonin which helps sleep and can cause thyroid problems, as well
as mess with the entire endocrine system. Also if the pineal gland
is clogged the higher chakra, 3rd eye can not be open for intuitive
and spiritual. It also cases problems with your kidneys, liver & IQ
& alzheimers. Its said the government purposely douses us with
fluoride to “dummy us up” as it lowers IQ. Rid yourself from
fluoride. Filter your water in whole house. It can be absorbed thru
the skin in the shower. Use non fluoride toothpaste & buy foods
local unsprayed & organic not watered with fluoride containing

Stay away from MILK. The hormone rBGH in milk causes prostate and
other hormone cancers such as ovarian, breast, cervical. Also, stay
away from Soy milk and soy. Same hormone can be in soy milk and Soy
is usually GMO.

Stay away from GMO. All canola oil is GMO. Use other natural oil
such as a good Olive oil or Coconut oil.

It is good to do a colon cleanse. There are many on the market and
homemade ones you can find online.

Postive thinking is more powerful than anyone can imagine. If you
can tap into your brains positive energy you can heal your body
with your mind. Sounds crazy but I’ve seen it work with my friend.
She should not be here :(

Also, staying happy, laughing, watch comedies that make you laugh.
Sounds silly as well, but many studies show it works to heal the
body. Releases the good chemicals into the body to heal.

Keep all stress to a minimum. A must.

I realize being happy, laughing, positive thinking, and no stress
is a hard one, but a must do nonetheless. You must attack cancer
from all angles to rid it and keep it away. :0)

Lastly, IMPORTANT. You should not be taking any blood thinners
during this protocol. Many are natural blood thinners and can
interfere with the meds.


Written by Shar Williams


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