Economy/Germany: Volcano Medic launched as the first approved medical cannabinoid inhaler
June 6, 2010, 7:54 pm
The German company Vapormed launched the world’s first
officially approved medical cannabinoid inhaler, the Volcano
Medic Vaporizer. The Volcano Medic Vaporization System is
intended to vaporize and facilitate the inhalation of dronabinol
(THC) dissolved in alcohol or cannabinoids from cannabis flowers
(cannabis flos). In their press release of 2 June the company
notes that "the Volcano Medic Vaporization System resolves two
medical-technical problems at the same time. On the one hand,
for the first time the Volcano Medic Vaporization System allows
for the medical inhalation therapy with liquid, in alcohol dissolved
cannabinoids. On the other hand, it allows for the inhalation
with cannabinoids directly from dried hemp flowers. (…)
In the Volcano Medic Vaporization System the cannabinoids are
solved (vaporized) by heat impact only. A combustion as it takes
place while smoking does not occur." This avoids the formation of
noxious combustion products.

The main advantages of the inhalation of cannabinoids compared
to oral administration would be the rapid onset of effects and cost
reduction due to considerably higher efficiency of vaporized
cannabinoids. "The systemic bioavailability of inhaled cannabinoids
is approx. 29% - 40%. For comparison: The systemic
bioavailability of cannabinoids administered orally is below 15%."
The manufacturer of the Volcano Medic Vaporization System is
the company Storz & Bickel. According to the press release the
Volcano Medic will first be available in the Netherlands and in
Germany. It is certified by TUEV SUED in Munich in compliance
with the applicable directives and laws for medical devices. "The
availability of the Volcano Medic in further countries depends on
the availability of authorized and vaporizable cannabinoids or
cannabis flowers in these countries," the company writes.

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