Do calcium supplements do more harm than good?

By | Mar 3, 2012

Calcium: Good Or Bad? Will calcium supplements help prevent osteoporosis? That’s one of the questions that arrived in an e-mail I received from an HSI member named Sylvia who isn’t sure what or who to believe on the subject of calcium: “I recently read an article in ‘Balanced Life’ that says calcium supplements are not [...]

Fruit and Vegetables Compared and Ranked by Vitamin C content

By | Feb 28, 2012

For Info on Vitamin C see: Vitamin C Info Page here Vitamin C Value in mg per 100 grams of edible portion of raw item  Vitamin C Broccoli 89.2 Papaya 61.8 Cauliflower 46.4 Orange 45 G.Peas 40 Strawberry 37 Spinach 28.1 Lettuce 18 Melon 18 Pineapple 16.9 Tomatoes 12.7 Banana 8.7 Peach 6.6 Lentils 6.2 [...]


By | Feb 26, 2012

Heavy daily intake of calcium rich foods can go far in depleting our bodies of precious magnesium. How is it that the RDA for calcium is listed on every food product imaginable but the essential sister nutrient has not been equally emphasized by modern medicine and general nutritional concepts propagated in the major media? How [...]

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