Medical Marijuana is ‘Sham’ Just to Get High, Obama Official Says

By | Jul 30, 2012

Renee Rendler-Kaplan / Flickr If you thought that the Obama Administration’s crackdown on medical marijuana in Californiawas just a political play to please the center in American politics, this might give you pause.One justice official says the Golden State’s whole medical cannabis game is a giant “sham.” Even if you, the California voter, believe that [...]

Does marijuana really harm children? Study yields surprising results Continue reading on Does marijuana really harm children? Study yields surprising results |

By | Mar 4, 2012

“Our testing showed that the children of women who used ganja had better alertness, stability and adjustment than children of women who didn’t use ganja. This was measured at the age of one month. We measured children again at four years and at five years of age, and found that there were no apparent deficits [...]

How Americans really feel about drugs

By | Feb 20, 2012

A NYT op-ed uses “moderate” double-speak to deny the truth: Most people want marijuana legalized Marijuana activist Carrie Sandoval at a protest in Denver on Wednesday, Sept 22, 2010  (Credit: AP/Kristen Wyatt) Almost exactly eight years ago, I wrote an essay for the Nation magazine looking at how terms such as “centrism” and “moderate” were [...]

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Raided - First time in 24 years

By | Nov 23, 2011

When conservatives who seized power in the Netherlands this year closed coffeeshops in the southern part of the country to weed tourists, it seemed like an unfortunate bummer. This morning, however, police in Amsterdam are in the process of raiding the 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup Expo. Possession of marijuana has been decriminalized in [...]

15th Anniversary Of Medical Marijuana In The U.S.

By | Nov 7, 2011

November 5th, 2011, marked the fifteenth anniversary of California’s passage of Prop 215, The Compassionate Use Act. The Act passed with 55.58% of the vote and remains the greatest achievement in marijuana law reform in the “War on Drugs” era. The successes of Prop 215 are well documented.  Two years following its passage, the rest [...]

Bay Area Reps Slam Barack Obama on Marijuana Crackdown, Pelosi Silent

By | Nov 5, 2011

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi supports peace; will she support pot? Members of the Bay Area’s Congressional delegation called on President Barack Obama to cease-and-desist the US Justice Department’s crackdown on California’s medical marijuana industry on Friday, and were joined by representatives from around the country, including a Republican from Southern California and  a representative from [...]

Mexican Soldiers Seize Catapults Used By Gangs to Fling Marijuana Across Border Into US

By | Nov 4, 2011

The Mexican army says soldiers have seized two catapults that were being used by drug smugglers to fling packages of marijuana across the border into Arizona. A military statement Tuesday says an anonymous tip led troops to a house in the border city of Agua Prieta where they found a catapult in the bed of [...]

Mexico Drug War Update

By | Nov 4, 2011

by Bernd Debusmann Jr. Mexican drug trafficking organizations make billions each year smuggling drugs into the United States, profiting enormously from the prohibitionist drug policies of the US government. Since Mexican president Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006 and called the armed forces into the fight against the so-called cartels, prohibition-related violence has killed [...]

Cannabis Use Among Youth not Increased by Medical Marijuana Legalization

By | Nov 3, 2011

Today at the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., Esther Choo, M.D., M.P.H. of Rhode Island Hospital will present findings from a study exploring whether legalizing cannabis for medical use in Rhode Island increases its recreational use among Rhode Island’s youth. While many opponents of medical cannabis claim that [...]

Activist Claims Marijuana Prohibition To End November 5 or Another one smokes crack… We’ll see.

By | Nov 3, 2011

By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ in Dispensaries, Medical, News Richard Brumfield claims cannabis prohibition will end November 5, and that he’ll be in charge of all legal production in America. Dude has a healthy sense of self, at least; not so sure about his grip on reality, though. ​Richard Brumfield, a medical marijuana activist from California, [...]

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