Hemp Warrior: Marijuana Activist Dana Beal Had a Heart Attack, Died, Came Back, and Beat His Pot Rap

By | Nov 1, 2011

Beal, a founder of the Yippees and organizer of the Global Marijuana March, was busted for weed and had a heart attack on his way to prison. Then, a judge voided his sentence. October 31, 2011  | Talk about dying to get your freedom.  Dana Beal, a well-known drug war activist, literally did just that [...]

Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating

By | Oct 30, 2011

I was at an event on the Upper East Side last Friday night when I got to talking with a salesman in the media business. The subject turned to Zucotti Park and Occupy Wall Street, and he was chuckling about something he’d heard on the news. “I hear [Occupy Wall Street] has a CFO,” he [...]

Calif.: Protest the attack on medical marijuana providers on November 9!

By | Oct 28, 2011

Are you upset with the recent decision by the California United States attorneys to crack down on medical marijuana providers? Looking for a productive way to push back against this misguided decision? Please consider joining a coalition of medical marijuana activist groups for a peaceful protest in opposition to the crackdown on Wednesday, November 9. [...]

Jean Quan’s About-Face: Oakland Mayor Now Supports the Occupy Movement, Orders “Minimal Police Presence”

By | Oct 28, 2011

This is rather incredible. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan released a statement late last night saying she now supports the Occupy Oakland protesters and will minimize police presence for the time being. The statement comes less than 48 hours after local police used excessive force against protesters, including rubber bullets, stun grenades, sound cannons, and tear [...]

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