Chronic Inflammation

By | Aug 10, 2012

Chronic Inflammation An American Epidemic Inflammation is an immune response; a response to an infection, an irritation, or an injury. Immune cells are called to the site through the blood stream. The blood vessels near the site become miraculously permeable and the site becomes warm and red due to the increased blood flow (warm, hence [...]

Bay Area has ticks, and Lyme disease

By | Jun 20, 2012

A tick on the cap of a shaggy mane mushroom.Photo by John W. Wall. By Elizabeth Laubach — published June 15, 2012 Back East, it seems everyone has a story to tell about ticks. My brother, for example, narrates with horror a time he trudged across some overgrown farm fields in Michigan early one evening, [...]

Lyme disease Spreading Rapidly in America

By | Jun 20, 2012

 Posted by D Anicetti on Jun 19th, 2012 As North American ranges are taken over by coyotes, populations of red foxes are plummeting, and scientists have founding a surprising result: the drop of foxes is increasing the spread of Lyme disease. Recently, the number of cases of Lyme disease has increased enormously. The number of [...]

Borrelia infection and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

By | Jun 16, 2012

 Reports of the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in malignant lymphomas have raised the hypothesis that infection with B burgdorferi may be causally related to non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) development. We conducted a Danish-Swedish case-control study including 3055 NHL patients and 3187 population controls. History of tick bite or Borrelia infection was ascertained through structured telephone [...]

Gallstone symptoms, gallstone treatment, kidney stone symptoms and removal

By | Jun 16, 2012

Gallstones and kidney stones often occur together. When either kind of stone exists, the liver, kidneys and the whole system cannot work efficiently. Because the kidneys and gallbladder are very close to each other, the stagnation of one organ often causes the other organ to become sluggish too. Gallstones and kidney stones usually occur together [...]

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