Health Benefits of Parsley

By | Aug 10, 2012

1 ) Anti-Cancer : ‘ Myristicin ‘ an organic compound found in the essential oil of parsley, not only inhibits tumor formation (especially in the Lungs) Myristicin can also neutralize carcinogens like benzopyrene in cigarette smoke that can pass through the body, consequently fighting against Colon and Prostate Cancer. 2 ) Healthy Immune System : [...]

Browns Gas additional properties or How to safely burn radiactive waste

By | Jun 20, 2012

2006 Former state assemblyman Dan Haley from New York describes what he witnessed. Date of lecture unknown, estimated mid 90′s. Assemblyman Haley was Chairman of the Legislature’s Joint Commission on Energy and launched a campaign against nuclear power and for renewable energy About a minute or so into this video it shows rare footage of [...]

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