Gently detox with 4 superfoods to remove toxins from chem trails, heavy metals, noxious chemicals, pesticides, drugs, GMO by-products

By | Aug 27, 2012

Detoxing can be hard on your body and cause a wide variety of alarming side effects. After all, the substances being removed are usually pretty horrible, consisting of toxic chemicals from Teflon, vaccines, pesticide residues, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy residue, heavy metals, aluminum, radiation, and even by-products from GMO foods. There are numerous detoxing agents and [...]

Detoxing Arsenic

By | Aug 14, 2012

The order of decreasing toxicity (most to least) for arsenic is: arsines, inorganic arsenites, organic arsenoxides, inorganic arsenates, arsenorganics with As valence of +5, and metallic As. Arsines can penetrate rubber and are well absorbed through the skin which will become vesicated and blistered during the exposure. Arsines combine with hemoglobin in RBCs, cause hemolysis [...]

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