Cannabis, Hemp Seeds : Good Source of Food !!!

By | Jul 29, 2012

If there is one plant I would love to see grow all over the world, it would without doubt be the Cannabis plant. There are so many reasons why this often demonized plant is so incredibly useful to us … Apart from being used as medicine, the use of cannabis seed or hemp seed as [...]


By | Jul 29, 2012

Hemp protein is a protein found in the seed of the cannabis sativa plant. Despite its origin, hempseed does not contain psychoactive compounds and is an excellent source of protein, essential fatty acids and various nutrients. Hemp has many benefits over other protein sources, such as a broader range of amino acids, easier digestibility, and [...]

Marijuana-Like Chemicals Inhibit Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Late-State AIDS

By | Mar 25, 2012

Medical marijuana is prescribed to treat pain, debilitating weight loss and appetite suppression, side effects that are common in advanced AIDS. This is the first study to reveal how the marijuana receptors found on immune cells — called cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 — can influence the spread of the virus. Understanding the effect of [...]

The CBD Research that Time Forgot

By | Mar 8, 2012

7/28/2011 – Time magazine made a flawed, sensationalistic attempt at covering cannibinoid research in a recent article. The piece details the effects of a synthetic cannabinoid (called JWH-133) and its ability to deter cocaine addiction in an animal model by activating the CB2 receptor in the brain. The implications of this study imply that cannabinoids [...]

Marijuana Ingredients Show Promise In Battling Superbugs

By | Feb 24, 2012

Substances in marijuana show promise for fighting deadly drug-resistant bacterial infections, including so-called “superbugs,” without causing the drug’s mood-altering effects, scientists in Italy and the United Kingdom are reporting. Besides serving as infection-fighting drugs, the substances also could provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic antibacterial substances now widely used in personal care items, including [...]

How Americans really feel about drugs

By | Feb 20, 2012

A NYT op-ed uses “moderate” double-speak to deny the truth: Most people want marijuana legalized Marijuana activist Carrie Sandoval at a protest in Denver on Wednesday, Sept 22, 2010  (Credit: AP/Kristen Wyatt) Almost exactly eight years ago, I wrote an essay for the Nation magazine looking at how terms such as “centrism” and “moderate” were [...]

Marc Emery on Contracting Superbug: ‘Concerned’ but Feeling Fine

By | Feb 19, 2012

Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery, imprisoned in the United States for selling cannabis seeds and using the money to fund projects like Cannabis Culture, has contracted the antibiotic-resistant superbug MRSA. Emery discusses his current health status in this exclusive interview with CC. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is a type of bacteria that can cause [...]

Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria.

By | Feb 19, 2012

By NORA SCHULTZ Sept. 12, 2008 Substances harvested from cannabis plants could soon outshine conventional antibiotics in the escalating battle against drug-resistant bacteria. The compounds, called cannabinoids, appear to be unaffected by the mechanism that superbugs like MRSA use to evade existing antibiotics. Scientists from Italy and the United Kingdom, who published their research in [...]

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Raided - First time in 24 years

By | Nov 23, 2011

When conservatives who seized power in the Netherlands this year closed coffeeshops in the southern part of the country to weed tourists, it seemed like an unfortunate bummer. This morning, however, police in Amsterdam are in the process of raiding the 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup Expo. Possession of marijuana has been decriminalized in [...]

15th Anniversary Of Medical Marijuana In The U.S.

By | Nov 7, 2011

November 5th, 2011, marked the fifteenth anniversary of California’s passage of Prop 215, The Compassionate Use Act. The Act passed with 55.58% of the vote and remains the greatest achievement in marijuana law reform in the “War on Drugs” era. The successes of Prop 215 are well documented.  Two years following its passage, the rest [...]

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