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“AminoSweet”‘s website <r1> it offers different languages to view the information by and when you select America it brings you to their Aspartame Page. There it tells you how safe it is and all the information you want to read to make you feel safe ingesting this stuff. I quote “The sweetener Aspartame, has been in use for over 25 years and is a thoroughly tested ingredient in our food supply. It is made from two amino acids which are the building blocks of protein that occur widely in the food we eat every day. They are found in eggs, meat, cheese, fish, cereals, fruit and milk. It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), by experts of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, and by regulatory agencies in more than 100 countries.”</r1>

I found this interesting and started to dig in.

What they are failing to say is Aspartame contains Methanol. <r2>.</r2>


Ingestion of Methanol has side effects we all need to know. As reported on a reference side efect page for Methanol, it reads “ Whether found in aspartame, alcohol, or as an environmental pollutant, methanol is toxic. The methanol found in aspartame is free-form methanol and quickly absorbs into the bloodstream. Note: the methanol in aspartame is not a by-product, but an ingredient. Methanol causes lethargy, confusion (brain “fog”), leg cramps and joint aches, lower back pain, severe headaches, stomach cramping and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), impaired articulation, fainting (vertigo and dizziness), visual loss and eye damage, labored breathing and asthma symptoms.” <r3>Not good needless to say.</r3>


They offer the other 2 ingredients as amino acids that are needed to produce protein. Looking up those at another sire <r2> I found the aminos to be L-alpha-aspartyl and L-phenylalanine. Aspartyl is produce by the body and only in high doses does it cause gastrointestinal distress with intakes over 10 grams per day. <r4>But the phenylalanine is of concern. Generally, the side effects of phenylalanine are beneficial to the human body. However, if a person has a too much intake or the body cannot metabolize it properly, its side effects may be severely negative. As a result, the side effects may include the following: hypertension, the seizures as well as brain damage. <r5> That can’t be good. So note to call them a liar directly, the information found on the sites provided other than those I posted earlier, it sure appears that though they are seemingly telling the truth, they are leaving out very damning information we need to make a fully informed decision of if this stuff is safe to ingest. Absence of the full truth while describing a product and less then the truth. Be careful with this one.</r5></r4></r2>


And the mere point they can call Methanol natural is beyond me, it’s denatured alcohol for pete’s sake.














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